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I was approached by the band The Granite Shore about doing a music video for their upcoming album Suspended Second. Initially, the idea was to develop an animatic that would be used as proof of concept for a live action film shoot with handmade tarot cards, actors, and a set. But, the band asked if they could use the animatic as the video. The video is also a test for a means of creating motion comics that allow for the gestalt principle of ‘closure’ to occur, an issue that motion comics typically suffer from. In the end, I also did several finished piece of art for the album.


I developed this music video for the Crane Wives, recent winner of JBL’s Greatest Band in America Contest. The concept, storyboards, backgrounds, and animation were created in around 4 months. The band were amazing to work with and gave me the freedom to interpret the song as I saw fit. The animation workflow involved photoshop for storyboards and background paintings, Adobe Premiere for animatic and final video color correcting Toon Boom Animate Pro for the animation, and Adobe Aftereffects for the filter and film layer and depth of field effects.

Also included is an example of the process for one of the key scenes: (see below)

Here is the storyboard version of the video (see below)

impactI was commissioned for this years graduation and open house at KCAD to create a 20 second animated bumper.  I enlisted some talented seniors and alumni to help make it possible (and fun). We created the bumper using stop-motion techniques along with Adobe After-effects. My thanks to the rest of the team: Lynn McKoewn, Erica Syverson, Na Na Dong, and Amy Lilacy. Music by Ryan Paine.