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ASIFA Central short film created as part of ASIFA International Animation Day’s Spiritus Mundi: Animating the World project. Directed and Animated by: James Middleton, Michael Long, Gretchen Vinnedge, David Baker, Julie Goldstein, Gary Schwartz, Austin Paul, Christine Veras, Stephen Leeper, Tracy Miller-Robbins, Joshua Harrell, Deanna Morse, R. Brad Yarhouse. Produced by R. Brad Yarhouse. Song: I Want to go back to Michigan by Irving Berlin sung by Billy Murray, 1917 Public Domain.


A music video for the band Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus for their upcoming new albums. Animated on location in Michigan during the months of January and February. The albums and preorders are available from Occultation Records at their Bandcamp site.

Influences: Besides a deep dive into Yeats and Ezra Pound, I was influenced by Hilma Af Klint, animators Mayo Yonesho, George Melies, Go Pro Point of View photography, Gestalt Closure, Chris Marker, Norman McLaren, pre-cinema animated toys such as the Zoetrope, Thaumatropes, Shadow puppet Theater, and the French New Wave Cinema.  

The state of Michigan approached me to create a 30-second commercial that would play in all the theaters in the state during the spring movie season with the goal of reaching students who might be victims or have witnessed bullying. OK2SAY is a program that connects students through an app with help and services. I worked with a talented team of alumni and students to create the short piece. It was estimated that 1.2 million people would see the short in theaters.

Storyboard: Josh Workman, James Driessche Character Design: Erica Syverson, Melanie Dionne Background Design: Erica Syverson, James Driessche, Music and Sound Design: Lee Albrecht, Character Animation: Melanie Dionne, James Driessche, Josh Workman, Animation Effects: Erica Syverson, Editing: R. Brad Yarhouse.


Here is an article on the team and the work.