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Monthly Archives: May 2014

impactI was commissioned for this years graduation and open house at KCAD to create a 20 second animated bumper.  I enlisted some talented seniors and alumni to help make it possible (and fun). We created the bumper using stop-motion techniques along with Adobe After-effects. My thanks to the rest of the team: Lynn McKoewn, Erica Syverson, Na Na Dong, and Amy Lilacy. Music by Ryan Paine.




2014’s Grand Rapids Film Festival featured the work of my Imaging and Animation Professional Studio Students amazing work. They spent 6 weeks developing and creating this 30 second television ad for the festival. The team included:  Alante Carpenter, Nana Dong, Kate Flynn, Ed Kindsvater, Erica Syverson. Music by Ryan Payne. Produced by Briana Yarhouse.


This was a fun, straight forward bit of photo work with some animation.  Images where shot by Matt Gubancsik and music was by Kevin Czarnik.